What Makes Genuine Raw Honey Better?

While you may be under the impression that the honey you get in the little bear-shaped bottle from your local grocery store is the real deal, you couldn’t be more wrong. Raw honey is unfiltered and has no preservatives in it, making it genuine raw honey. The honey that you purchase at your local grocery store is likely imported from different countries and it’s difficult to know what exactly is in it because of the lack of regulation. America produces 150 million gallons of honey annually, yet we as Americans consume 450 million gallons of honey. So honey from foreign countries is a reality.

Our honey is from the bees in our own backyard and is sourced sustainably and carefully.

What Differentiates Raw Honey From the Rest?

Local Raw Honey

Never Filtered

Sourced straight from the Hive

Never pasteurized

Great nutritional value

Helps alleviate allergy symptoms

Prevents and alleviates acid reflux and bloating!